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Prime Consulting
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Prime Consulting was founded in 2004 in Riga and since then has been working in the area of legal and financial consulting. The company is a member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is a member of the Association of Registrators and Accountants


To protect our clients’ assets, rationally and with accordance to the law to build a tax policy, to provide activity’s legal assistance and comply with the interests of our clients in Europe and beyond.


  • View from the side
We do not try to look at Your business from the same perspective as You do. We do it critically. This method helps to find the most effective and weighted solutions.
  • Location
We have traditionally been a bridge between the West and the East and have spoken to our clients in the same language. This allowed us to advise entrepreneurs from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan on how to and with what particular partners it is more effective to organise a business in Europe, to help in solving migration and other issues.
  • Personal approach

Promptness of a private company has always been an advantage in comparison to large corporations, where a lot of time is wasted on project coordination. We are aimed on individual approach to each client and are striving to solve the tasks of our clients on an individual basis.


Primary clients are companies that are involved in:

  • trade and intermediary activities
  • provision of commercial services
  • management of other companies (holding companies)
  • investing in real estate
  • dealing with financing transactions
  • dealing with operations in financial markets
  • holding copyrights and other intellectual property

Individuals interested in:

  • organization and support of business
  • protection and preservation of assets
  • tax planning issues
  • inheritance planning
  • migration issues
  • legal advice and support
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