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Change of tax residence

Over the last few years, considering the tendency of the development of deoffshorisation process all over the world, one of the main and most effective instruments for protecting personal savings is the change of tax residence and even citizenship.


  • consultations on taxation of income for individuals
  • consultations on issues relating to tax residence change
  • analysis of current criteria of a tax residence (number of days staying in the country, citizenship, centre of vital interests and other criteria, existance of business and other assets)
  • practical assistance in obtaining a tax residence status in another country and further tax planning
  • consultations and assistance in the issues related to abandonment of the current tax residence
  • preparation and submission of declarations on income for individuals


  • understanding of current tax liabilities and corresponding risks
  • the possibility to change the country of tax residence and to choose an optimal tax regime depending on the client’s lifestyle and other factors
  • compliance with legal requirements of the country regarding a declaration of an income and a procedure of submitting the corresponding documents


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