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Consultations on automatic exchange of financial information (AEOI&CRS)

Safety of information is the main criterion for the preservation of assets. Prime Consulting recommends to examine the automatic exchange of financial information issue on time and, if necessary, restructure the current activity of the client.


  • consultations on current legal requirements under the standards of automatic exchange of financial information
  • analysis of the current structure of the client’s business with an objective to determine the risks of the client’s financial information falling under the exchange
  • development of the structure that allows to exclude or minimise the amount of information that is subject to exchange
  • preparation of financial statements for submission to the banks to confirm the active status of the company that is not subject to exchange


Thorough examination of the current topic provides us with an opportunity to not merely consult on theoretical application of the legal requirements of finacial institutions, but also find practical solutions that minimise the risks of information disclosure.


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