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Prime Consulting
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Corporate and Tax planning

Prime Consulting offers a wide range of services relating to formation of effective corporate and legal structure of our client’s business, as well as transaction support with an objective of optimal tax planning, confidentiality maintenance and protection against any legal risks.


  • consultations on company and individual taxation,
  • choice of the most suitable corporate instrument or transaction type for a client,
  • guidance and practical implementation of transactions, including the preparation of legal documents
  • preparation and auditing of financial, managerial and tax statements


  • regulation of pricing in international trade operations
  • optimisation of tax burden in a country where economic activity is held, in strict accordance with double tax avoidance agreements provisions;
  • management of political, legal and other risks associated with asset ownership in the country where the main business of the client is organised and beyond


Practical work experience and extensive knowledge of international legislation, judicial precedents and tax practice in Latvia and other countries where our clients actively operate, have enabled us to create an immaculate reputation, sucessfully and effectively consult corporations and individuals on a very broad spectrum of questions regarding the management of international business.


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