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Personal lawyer

A personal lawyer is a competent lawyer who is able to provide qualified assistance and advise a client on issues related to legal proceedings, representation of client's interests in courts, disputes, state or other institutions.


  • preparation of documents for legal proceedings
  • representation of the client's interests in court and in the arbitration court
  • representation of the client in state and other institutions
  • solution of the whole complex of issues related to economic and civil law

Regardless of the status of the client in the process: the plaintiff, the defendant, the third party invited to the case, we:

  • provide consultations and represent interests in court
  • analyze the lawsuits filed against the client and the claims received/li>
  • prepare responses to claims and statements of claim

Our lawyers will prepare for you:

  • statements of claim
  • appellate and cassation complaints
  • counterclaims and private complaints
  • statements and explanations on the case
  • applications and petitions for securing filed lawsuits
  • applications in special cases
  • applications for initiation of insolvency proceedings
  • applications for compulsory execution of obligations in an indisputable manner
  • applications for compulsory execution of obligations in a precautionary manner/order
  • lawsuits to the arbitration court
  • reviews to the claim
  • applications for the issuance of the order of enforcement, documents on the auction, etc.
  • detailed examination of the chances of winning or losing a particular case

We also provide similar services in the field of administrative law.

We are ready to recommend our clients sworn advocates, specializing in defending interests in criminal proceedings.


Prime Consulting has more than 10 years of perfect legal expertise and reputation. All the services received by a client are provided reliably, professionally and confidentially.


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