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Transaction support

Prime Consulting provides a comprehensive legal support in execution of transactions with real estate, acquisition of companies, including due diligence procedure, in purchasing a business, purchasing securities and other types of assets.


  • assistance in conducting complex transactions, including M&A transactions (mergers and acquisitions), requiring a certain level of legal analysis and support
  • verification of the original owner in transactions with real estate
  • verification of information on encumbrances, restrictions on property rights
  • evaluation of the legitimate possibility of acquiring real estate by a specific person
  • verification of the cadastral value
  • verification of the actual status of the object, the possibility of exploitation
  • receipt of the appropriate permits for the transaction from government agencies and local governments
  • if necessary, execution and receipt of a waiver of the pre-emption right
  • verification of information on the absence of municipal debts, tax debts, etc.
  • if necessary, to carry out expertise of the provided by the counterparty documents confirming the ownership, protocols of intentions, deposit agreements, purchase and sale agreements, pledge agreements, transaction account agreements
  • accompaniment of the client, and, if necessary, independently visit the sworn notary, bank, counterparty, Land register for a proper registration of the transaction
  • in case of acquisition of commercial real estate, construction planning, division or consolidation of facilities, as well as other operations, to help to:
    • evaluate the feasibility of carrying out certain works, their legitimacy
    • obtain permits in state institutions / local government institutions for construction works

If acquisition of companies and purchase of business (Latvia) takes place, we carry out:

  • verification of the original owner
  • examination of the legal status of the company
  • analysis of concluded contracts
  • examination of the presence of the necessary licenses and permits
  • audit of internal documentation
  • analysis of existing lawsuits
  • in the course of transaction execution, we choose the most reliable purchase option and method of joining the shareholders
  • registration of pledges of assets and shares of the company
  • registration of pledge of real estate
  • preparation of agreements between participants/ shareholders
  • formalization of personal guarantees
  • if necessary, independently visit a sworn notary, a bank, a counterparty, a Register of Enterprises for signing contracts and subsequent registration of ownership on the company's shares

If purchase of financial instruments takes place, we:

  • advise on the transaction structure: explain the associated risks
  • prepare sales and purchase agreements
  • help to build communication with relevant bank departments when opening and maintaining a special account, or for obtaining special financial consultations


Our immaculate reputation that was obtained during years of practice and individual approach to each client guarantees successful collaboration and professional service.


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